ACRI Publications 2006-2010

ACRI’s Shadow Report regarding Israel’s Third Periodic Review by the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, October 2010

“Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem”, September 2010

Failed Grade: Palestinian Education System in East Jerusalem 2010, August 2010

Human Rights in East Jerusalem: Facts and Figures 2010, May 2010

The Infiltration Prevention Bill – Lies and Reality, February 2010

ACRI’s State of Human Rights Report 2009, Human Rights – On Condition, December 2009

Failing Education in East Jerusalem, A status report on the Arab-Palestinian school system in East Jerusalem, September 2009

Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel, Update report by the Refugees’ Rights Forum, August 2009

Life in the Garbage: A Report on Sanitation Services in East Jerusalem, July 2009

‘No Forwarding Address’: New Report on Policy toward the Homeless, June 2009

The State of Human Rights in East Jerusalem 2009: Facts and Figures May 2009

Fact Sheet: “Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel”, A report by the Refugees’ Rights Forum, February 2009

ACRI’s 2008 Annual Report (English)

ACRI’s 2008 State of Human Rights Report, December 2008

ACRI Rights Leaflets – Conflicts Arising During the Olive Harvest and Palestinians’ Rights, October 2008

“Real Estate or Rights: Housing Rights and Government Policy in Israel”, July 2008

Facts and Figures on East Jerusalem, June 2008

Forum for Enforcing Labor Rights, Summary of Activities for 2007

ACRI’s 2007 State of Human Rights Report, December 2007

ACRI’s 2006-7 Annual Report

ACRI’s Position Paper – Democracy and Occupation, June 2007

ACRI and B’Tselem Joint Report: Ghost Town – Israel’s Separation Policy and Forced Eviction of Palestinians from the Center of Hebron, May 2007

Violation of the Right to Family of Migrant Workers, January 2007

English Summary, ACRI Report “Working Without Dignity”, December 2006

ACRI’s 2005 Annual Report, April 2006

ACRI’s 2005 State of Human Rights ReportApril 2006

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