The Right to Family

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For most people, the right to family seems obvious: the right to love, to share our lives with our loved ones, to marry, and to have children. However, many people in Israel do not enjoy the right to have a family life, among them partners who are not from the same religion, same-sex couples, immigrants from the former USSR, migrant workers, Arab citizens, and also Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

ACRI believes that all people deserve the right to family, which is only made possible by addressing specific legal and economic issues that hinder the realization of this ideal. ACRI focuses on attempts to separate families of immigrants and asylum seekers through threat of deportation and legal discrimination, especially in the case of the “Citizenship Law,” and on the underlying economic factors that force the separation of families in order to ensure economic security, particularly with regards to Arab workers from Gaza and The West Bank.


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