Democracy and Civil Liberties

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Civil rights, also called civil liberties, are intended to give every person, in an equal manner, the freedom of action that will allow him or her to develop as a unique human being. These liberties seek to protect the individuals from arbitrary or unmeasured limitations on their freedom and to enable every person to participate in the civil and political spheres.

The prolonged Occupation has had, and continues to have, a corrosive effect on Israel’s democratic foundations, and Israel’s Arab citizens have been treated as second-class citizens since the founding of the State. The significant upsurge in racism and nationalism in recent years has created a fertile breeding ground for the erosion of respect for democracy and human rights.

As part of an overall focus on civil liberties across Israel and the Occupied Territories, ACRI works to ensure civil rights be granted to the Arab population affected by the Occupation, in addition to promoting civil rights in other public areas including housing, healthcare, education, water, infrastructure, labor, and privacy. ACRI places special emphasis on guaranteeing the most basic right of freedom of expression without which it would be impossible to advocate for other fundamental human rights.