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The sewage and drainage infrastructure in East Jerusalem has been neglected for many years, with a shortage of some 50 kilometers of sewage pipes. Sanitary conditions are disgraceful: garbage is piling up on streets; the scarce trash containers are broken, overflowing and leaking. Additionally, access to water has become increasingly threatened, if not entirely cut off. As many of the Palestinian residents are unable to receive building permits and so engage in illegal construction, they cannot legally be attached to the water supply. All of these conditions severely damage the right of the local residents to health and to dignity.

As a part of the attempt to have the state provide basic infrastructure in East Jerusalem, ACRI utilizes public advocacy to bring to light the significance of the lack of proper sanitation and access to clean water. ACRI has published reports exclusively focusing on or including the issue of sanitation and access to water and the threat it causes to the right to life, health, and dignity. ACRI continues to stress the importance of meaningful progress towards improving conditions in East Jerusalem, health and environment being some of the central issues.


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