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A state is measured by its ability to provide a dignified life to every person, including those who cannot provide for themselves or who find themselves outside the workforce, among them: the elderly, handicapped persons, children, families experiencing crisis, single-parent families, people with drug and alcohol addictions, and homeless people. The state must provide all of those individuals with acceptable welfare services and pensions that will serve as a safety net, enabling them to live and to lead a dignified life.

ACRI seeks not only to legally combat the issue of increasingly poor welfare commitments by the state, evident in matters like homeless eviction from public spaces, but also to raise awareness for this issue through publications highlighting decreased funding and establishing how money once allotted to social services is now being spent. ACRI seeks to challenge the perception that poverty is fated, and to ensure that equal opportunities be made available to all without discrimination. At the very least, ACRI seeks to ensure that those who find themselves living in poverty are not further burdened by policies of the State.


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