Right to Education

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Within the Jerusalem district, 84% of Palestinian children live below the poverty line, and thousands of children are considered to be “at-risk.” With a shortage of classrooms and striking discrepancies in resources allotted to Palestinian versus Jewish Israeli citizens, many of these children lack access to adequate education, including 24,000 children who remain unrecognized by the Jerusalem Education Administration. Drop-out rates are high among the Palestinian students, and for those that graduate, acceptance into Israeli universities is incredibly challenging.

The current educational inequalities, particularly in East Jerusalem, not only reflect social and economic inequality, but highlight the overall issue of discrimination within Israel. ACRI, understanding that education can be a catalyst for social change, continues to promote equality in education. Through the courts, as well as through human rights education, ACRI seeks to emphasize the importance of educational resources and to promote the inclusion of all residents in the consideration of the Jerusalem Education Administration.


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