Housing Rights

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Every person has the right to adequate housing, enabling him or her to lead private lives, with adequate living conditions, and in an environment that is accessible to employment, infrastructure, and social services. To guarantee this basic right, the state is obligated to ensure that every person will have access to affordable housing. Unfortunately this is not the case, seeing as affordable rental housing has not been inserted in any national housing plan.

ACRI promotes the building of affordable housing units, which begins with terminating the practice of designating affordable construction projects for specific sectors within the Israeli population, specifically former or active members of the IDF. In addition, ACRI supports the continued availability of public housing and the equal access to housing without discrimination. ACRI’s work with housing rights also includes support for the Arab communities within Israeli cities such as Lod, and with regards to the Negev Bedouin. Through the courts and through public advocacy campaigns, ACRI continues to promote the inclusion of human rights discourse in planning, whilst raising public awareness through the distribution of publications highlighting the lack consideration for human rights in current planning policy.


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