Information booklet: Health insurance for Foreign Children

In Israel there are thousands of children who do not have legal status. Some of them are the children of migrant workers, some are the children of asylum seekers, some were born in Israel and some came here with their parents. One thing in common to them all is that they are not eligible for National Health Insurance.


When one of these children is sick, their parents can access private medical treatment if they can afford it, or if it is an emergency they can go to hospital and then pay the bill. Most of these children do not receive regular medical care, and often situations that could be treated become more severe.


In order to improve this situation, and to make health services accessible to all children living in Israel, the Ministry of Health and Meuhedet Health Services have made it possible for parents of children who do not have status to insure their children at a reduced cost, with the participation of the Ministry of Health. The insurance allows for access to the same medical treatments that residents of Israel can receive.


For more information about the insurance policy and how to sign up please click here:

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