The Right to Education

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Every child has the right to acquire basic education and to enhance their personal, intellectual, and social abilities that will enable him or her to be an independent person and to provide for his or her own needs. Israeli law requires all children aged 5 to 18 to go to school, and provides free public education to citizens. However, the realization of this right is unequal in relation to children from various sectors of society, especially the Arab population.

ACRI continues to protest legislation that is discriminatory with regards to quality of and access to education, particularly within East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and cities inside of Israel that maintain a large Arab population. ACRI also promotes access to education for disenfranchised members of the population, including prisoners. The right to education is a fundamental social right, one that, if ensured for all, lays the foundation for a healthy society. For this reason ACRI works to produce its own educational materials to support educators and to legally promote fair and equal access to education.


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