Coalition for Affordable Housing – Report

The tent protest in Tel Aviv, photo by Tal Dahan

The Coalition for Affordable Housing in Israel  is a group of organizations, including ACRI, specializing in the fields of planning and law which have together chosen to promote an issue of great public importance. Recently, the Coalition has been striving to integrate affordable housing solutions into the plans submitted to the National Housing Committees (NHC) for approval.

In this report, the Coalition provides focused and practical information regarding possibilities in the NHC Law for providing a solution to the housing crisis in Israel and integrating affordable housing into the planned housing supply.

The goal of this report is to assist in understanding the possibilities inherent in the clauses of the NHC Law, including ways to implement them so as to create a planned housing supply that is high-quality and varied, made up of units of mixed sizes and mixed forms of occupancy, including long-term rental and affordable rental.  This paper will present these instruments in a clear manner and will clarify the ways of implementing them in plans advanced by the NHC track.

To read the full report in Hebrew, click here.
To read an executive summary of the report in English, click here.





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