Changing the Method for Appointing Legal Advisers

plenary session of the Knesset

ACRI: The proposed bill will harm the independence and professionalism of the civil service, the protection of the rule of law, and the fight against corruption.


Proposed Civil Service Law (Appointments) (Amendment No. 20) (Appointment of Legal Counsel to Government Ministries), 5727 – 2017

This bill seeks to change the manner in which legal advisors in government ministries are appointed. Rather than being selected in tenders, as is the case for all civil servants, they will be selected by a political committee.  ACRI opposes the bill, and believes that it will cause damage to the independence and professionalism of civil service. It can cause direct harm to the protection of the rule of law and the struggle against government corruption.  The bill has a long list of opponents, including former justices of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and senior jurists. ACRI calls on the Members of Knesset not to promote this bill, which could severely harm Israel’s gatekeepers and thus undermine Israeli democracy.

Status: The bill was discussed by the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee in preparation for the second and third readings.

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Categories: Anti-Democratic Initiatives, Democracy and Civil Liberties

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