Human Rights Defenders

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The right to defend the fundamental human rights guaranteed under international law is among those most basic means of protecting human dignity. When protest is threatened, particularly by force, human rights violations can go unchecked, allowing for conditions to worsen. This has become a problem particularly characteristic of the Israeli authority within the Occupied Territories. Activists and Human Rights Defenders find their voices constantly stifled, and their rights threatened as a result of their advocacy.

ACRI seeks to protect this crucial freedom, the freedom of expression, primarily through public outreach by informing protesters and activists about their rights. In addition, ACRI initiates litigation in cases of specific violations and in broad cases of illegal restrictions where responses by authorities violate international law. ACRI continues to promote freedom of expression as a critical means of ensuring the fulfillment of basic human rights, and as a means of holding accountable those who violate these rights under Israeli and international law.


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