Due Process

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Human rights do not stop at the prison gates. Even a person who has broken the law is entitled to certain basic rights that cannot be compromised, and should still benefit from a presumption of innocence. This means that the broad powers that rest in the hands of law enforcement authorities must not be used in a way that violates the rights of those held in their custody.

ACRI continues to utilize legal advocacy as a means of ensuring the protection of the right to due process, particularly with regards to the Arab residents of the Occupied Territories. ACRI believes that due process applies not only to Israeli citizens, but to all people living within Israeli borders. In particular, ACRI seeks to ensure the rights of those denied a fair trial, a common practice with regards to incidents involving Israeli security carried out by the IDF, by pursuing specific legal cases and by addressing the larger issue through public advocacy. In addition, ACRI regularly publishes information regarding guaranteed rights in order to avoid unlawful arrest or incarceration.


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