Firing Zone 918 – What’s the Deal?

  • Who are the ‘cave dwellers’?
  • How does an area turn into a ‘firing zone’?
  • What will happen to them if they’re kicked out of their homes?

For over a decade, ACRI has been fighting together with the residents of Masafer-Yatta, a cluster of villages in the South-Hebron Hills, against the state’s attempts to expel them from their homes in order to turn their land into a firing zone.

The struggle is now reaching a peak.

The threat of expulsion is still hanging over their heads, and the residents’ fates are being discussed at the Supreme Court.

The following questions and answers tell the story of these people and their struggle.


1. Where is Firing Zone 918?


2. Who are the “cave dwellers”?


3. How did the area become a “Firing Zone”?


4. How does the state justify expelling residents from their homes?


5. What does international law say on the topic?


For additional information about Firing Zone 918 and the legal proceedings,
click here.


Pictures of the village and the villagers.
Click to enlarge. (Photography by Maskit Bendel and Liza Rozovsky).



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