Disability Rights

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People with disabilities – physical, mental, or cognitive – have the same civil rights as any other person. In addition, they are entitled to unique rights that stem from their basic rights to equality and to dignity. The purpose of these unique rights is to promote the welfare and advancement of people with disabilities, and to protect them from discrimination and abuse.

ACRI works, first and foremost, to ensure that the basic human rights of the mentally and physically disabled are respected, and safeguarded from discrimination. In addition, ACRI strives to ensure that adequate healthcare is an obligation of the state, for all people, and in particular for those with distinct treatment needs. ACRI also opposes the institutionalization of discrimination in the housing and employment sectors through legal measures. As a part of ACRI’s broader education and public outreach programs, ACRI seeks to bring the issue of discrimination into the forefront, and to introduce human rights discourse into all sectors of Israeli society to ensure the equality of every person living within Israel and the Occupied Territories.


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