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Despite its obligation under international law to ensure the welfare of the Palestinian civilian population under Occupation, Israel’s system of water distribution in the West Bank severely discriminates against the Palestinian population, and fails to provide them with an adequate and safe water supply. Nearly all of the Palestinian residents of the West Bank receive insufficient supplies of water – with some having access to inadequate amounts and others completely cut off from running water. The acute lack of water resources among the Palestinian population, which is a direct result of Israeli policies, causes immeasurable harm to their already low standard of living and constitutes grave infringements of their basic human rights.

Through legal efforts, public outreach initiatives and advocacy among decision makers, ACRI has protested against cutting families off from the water supply due to an inability to pay, has opposed the refusal to connect whole villages to the water supply, and has and continues to promote a more equitable distribution of the water supply between Israeli and Palestinian populations.


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