Freedom of Information

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The disclosure of public information is critical to facilitating democratic discourse and informed participation regarding issues on the public agenda. Freedom of information therefore plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing a fair and open democracy, and the withholding of information by the authorities is a clear threat to the democratic process.

ACRI has and continues to work to increase transparency and promote freedom of information in a variety of contexts, including interventions with government ministries demanding the publication of procedures, decisions, and other information that is relevant to the public, and protesting overly restrictive privacy laws. ACRI was one of the initiators of the Freedom of Information Law, enacted in 1998, according to which, every citizen has the right to receive information from state authorities, both on matters that pertain to him or her personally and on matters that are of public interest. ACRI also publishes and disseminates reports containing relevant information in order to promote public awareness.


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