Update – NGO Law approved by the Knesset


In recent years there have been a series of attempts to constrict and delegitimise human rights organizations in Israel, especially those dealing with human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or the rights of refugees and migrants. The NGO Law, which was approved by the Knesset on 11 July 2016, is one of these initiatives. The law requires human rights organizations that receive over 50 % of their funding from foreign entities to declare this on all of their advertising, letters or reports.


As we know, there is already extensive transparency regarding the donations NGOs receive, especially with respect to foreign government funding. Therefore, the law does not aim to increase transparency – but instead seeks to attack NGOs and to label them as if they are working against the State.


The law that has been approved appears to be less potent than the original proposal, because requirements to wear a tag or to declare funding sources at the beginning of every meeting have now been removed. However, ACRI holds that the very existence of this law aims to harm and prevent a specific type of organization from acting proudly for the sake of Israeli society.


Please click here to access an English summary of the NGO Law that was approved.


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