Water Tariff Failures Exposed by State Comptroller Were Known to Government

Photo CC by Kabunosekai

The failures in Israel’s water tariffs, published by the State Comptroller today (17 October 2012), were well-known to the government; the government even blocked attempts to change this situation.
Alva Kolan, Policy and Legislation Promoter at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), said today that “The Association for Civil Rights in Israel turned several times to government members, the Knesset, and the Water Authority and warned them that there are many people who simply cannot afford the exaggerated water process, despite the fact that the right to water is a basic right.
“Thousands of people found themselves in an impossible entanglement of fines and interests and were disconnected from the water supply, whether because they needed large amounts of water due to disabilities or because their financial situation prevents them from paying the water fees.
“Water corporations did not have mercy – in fact, were prohibited to have mercy – even on families with little children, the elderly, and people who live under the poverty line. This was not a mistake or a technical error. The highest ranks in the government ignored this distress and did not do enough to find real solutions. At the same time, all of the attempts made by ACRI, together with several Members of Knesset, to improve the situation – were blocked by the government,” said Kolan.
The proposed Water Bill (Amendment – Reductions for Eligible Populations) – 2012 seeks to ensure water tariff reductions for those receiving welfare, for the elderly, and for individuals with special needs. This bill was discussed by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation on June 24, 2012 – but the government decided to reject it.

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