ACRI Presents: Five Facts about the Jordan Valley

Did you know…

  • That 90% of the residents of the Jordan Valley are Palestinians?
    According to a poll commissioned by ACRI’s Action-A-Day campaign, only 17% of Israelis know this fact.

  • That the Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley are barred access to almost 80% of its area, and that Israel also imposes severe movement restrictions between the Jordan Valley and other parts of the West Bank?

  • That despite the fact that the Jordan Valley is rich in water sources, its Palestinian residents suffer from acute water shortages?
    In many rural Palestinian communities in the valley, water consumption is lower than the International Health Organization’s recommendations for minimal water consumption for household use, which is 100 liters per person per day.
    Want to know more about the Jordan Valley? Here are 5 facts that most Israelis and internationals don’t know. Click on the image below to view the facts.

    To learn more about human rights violations in the Jordan Valley:

  • For more information about ACRI’s Action-A-Day campaign for the Jordan Valley, click here.
  • To read the B’Tselem report, “Dispossession and Exploitation,” click here.
  • For a map of the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea, courtesy of B’Tselem, click here.
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