Ending Discrimination in Housing Projects in Tel Aviv, Jaffa

In October 2009, following an ACRI petition and as a result of pressure from the courts, the Tel Aviv Municipality backed down from its previous stance and agreed to modify the conditions of a tender for apartment units in the heart of Tel Aviv, which were being marketed to high-tech and finance workers exclusively. According to the Court’s orders, the winning developer will be obligated to market the housing units to the general public. The Court’s order, which holds the weight of a binding court ruling, sets a precedent in that it will forbid developers interested in competing for the tender in the highly desirable project if their marketing campaigns are in any way discriminatory or exclusive.

In July 2009, following an appeal by ACRI, the Supreme Court issued a temporary order that forbids the Land Administration from leasing an empty lot in Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood to B’Emuna, which won a tender to build 20 housing units to a restricted group of national-religious buyers.

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Categories: Arab Citizens of Israel, Arab Minority Rights, Housing Rights, Social and Economic Rights, The Right to Equality

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