Resources: Gaza Under Siege and the Aftermath of Operation Cast Lead

Resources: Gaza Under Siege and the Aftermath of Operation Cast Lead
ACRI Admonishes Flotilla Takeover and Outcome, Calls for Investigation, May 2010

Human Rights Organizations to PM: Establish Independent Inquiry into Operation Cast Lead, January 2010

Israeli Human Rights Groups Respond to Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead, September 2009

NGOs Protest Government Attempts to Silence “Breaking the Silence”
July 2009

Organizations Present Goldstone Team with Grave Report on Gaza, June 2009

New Online Film Marks Two Years of Gaza Closure, June 2009

ACRI to A-G: Drop Charges Against Gaza War Demonstrators, June 2009

Human Rights Groups Respond to Results of IDF Probe into Gaza Killings, April 2009

Response to the Attorney-General’s Refusal Concerning a Gaza Probe, March 2009

ACRI and Partners: IDF Cannot Investigate Itself, March 2009

Rights Groups: Investigate Detention Conditions of Gaza Prisoners, February 2009

ACRI Responds to Crisis in Gaza and Israel’s South, January 2009

ACRI and Organizations: Investigate Israel’s Attacks on Civilians, January 2009

Background: Human Rights Violations in Israel and Gaza, January 2009

ACRI and SHATIL Establish Hot Line for Residents of South, December 2008

ACRI Demands Clearer Instructions from Home Front Command, December 2008

ACRI: Israel Must Treat Gazans as Refugees, August 2008

Israeli Rights Groups Condemn State Sanctions against Gaza Civilians, September 2007

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