Pending Legal Cases

ACRI’s Current Pending Legal Proceedings

Updated June 2015


  • HCJ 2683/15 Hotline for Migrant Workers v. Minister of the Interior

 Allowing migrants workers and asylum seekers to report to any branch of the Immigration office for their daily check-in rather than only the inaccessible airport branch.


Lack of public library and associated services for Arabic-speaking population of Nazareth Illit


Invalidation of the Anti-Infiltration Law 3.0 (Petition #3)


  • Criminal Petition 19193-01-14 State of Israel v. Levy

Criminalizing behavior stemming from poverty: an indictment against begging at intersections; (ACRI submitted an amicus curiae)


Cancellation of new tuition policy that requires exorbitant fees for public schools


  • HCJ 5870/14  HPS Accountants Information Services Ltd. v. the Courts Administration

Publishing court judgments online; (ACRI submitted an amicus curiae).


Petition against the government program to transfer the residents of the Bedouin village of Wadi al-Na’am to Segev Shalom.


  • Administrative Petition 18716-08-14 Mansur v. Local Council of Kochav Yair-Tsur Yigal

Arab family unable to join country club in Kochav Yair as a result of discriminatory terms for membership.


  • HCJ 6175/14 ACRI v. Minister of the Interior

Invalidation of the Journalism Ordinance dating from the British Mandate which restricts freedom of the press in Israel.


Lack of protection for Negev Bedouin during Operation Protective Edge.


Entitlement to income support from NII f0r those persons receiving financial assistance from their families; (ACRI submitted an amicus curiae).


The implementation of biometric time clock for employees and its implications for workers’ rights to privacy and dignity; (ACRI submitted an amicus curiae).


Freedom of Information (FOI) request to reveal the number of orders for security-related wiretaps.


Provision of water services to neighborhoods beyond the Separation Barrier in East Jerusalem.


Revoking permanent residency permits of the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem; (ACRI submitted an amicus curiae).


  • HCJ 1892/14 ACRI v. Minister of Public Security

The overcrowding of prisons and detention facilities in Israel is far from the accepted standards in other democracies and from international standards to ensure adequate living conditions.


Provisions in the University charter allowing for the prevention of public activities, which have been employed in recent years to stifle political activity particularly among the Arab student population.


  • Civil Petition 36477-12-13  Association for the Elderly Shefa-‘Amr v. Azrieli Group Ltd.

Security Guards at the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv discriminated against Arab citizens by preventing them from entering the mall.


Prosecuting a person for the offense of writing a critical article about a public official; (ACRI submitted an amicus curiae).


The summoning of political activists for “warning conversations” by the Shin Bet.


  • HCJ 1528/13 Paloni v. Minister of the Interior

Issuing birth certificates for children of migrant workers.


Disconnection of water services for persons unable to pay their bills.


  • HCJ 413/13 Abu Araam v. Minister of Defense

Eviction of Palestinian residents of villages in Firing Zone 918 located in the South Hebron Hills.


Fair representation for women and Arabs on Israel Land Authority Council.


  • HCJ 4057/10 ACRI v. IDF Commander in Judea and Samaria

Excessive detention periods for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.


The Municipality has failed to provide adequate postal services in East Jerusalem.


  • HCJ 2649/09 ACRI v. Minister of Health

Regulation of social security and health insurance for Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens and residents.


The cancellation of demolition orders and the recognition of the village Khirbet Zanuta in Area C.


  • HCJ 7803/06 Abu Arafaa v. Minister of the Interior

The revocation of permanent residency permits for Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.


  • HCJ 1285/06 Jadu v. Prime Minister of Israel; HCJ 1695/06 Zwahara v. PM of Israel

Ensuring the rights of Palestinian residents, who were cut off from other communities after the construction of the Separation Barrier, in East Jerusalem.


Overturning the policies that prevent Arab citizens of Israel from purchasing JNF land.

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