Concerns of Excessive Use of Skunk Spray in East Jerusalem



Skunk liquid is a foul smelling liquid that is sprayed with great force from police vans as a means of crowd dispersal. Apart from the repulsive nausea-inducing stench, the skunk liquid can cause pain and redness if it comes into contact with eyes, irritation if it comes into contact with skin and if swallowed can cause abdominal pain requiring medical treatment.


According to testimonies gathered by ACRI during the events of recent weeks in East Jerusalem, the police excessively utilized skunk spray vans in breach of proper procedures and in a manner that caused property damage and personal injury to Palestinian residents. Witness testimony reveals that the police indiscriminately sprayed the skunk liquid towards houses, people, restaurants brimming with people and in crowded streets, causing harm to innocent residents. Evidence suggests that in some cases the skunk repellent was arbitrarily used with no apparent justification and in the absence of any public disturbances. Even when the skunk liquid was used in the course of dealing with a public disturbance, it was used in an unreasonable manner that deviated from proper procedures and caused considerable damage to residents that didn’t take part in the incident.


In light of the evidence, ACRI Attorney Yusef Karram contacted the Jerusalem District Police Commander on August 5, 2014, to request that he urgently clarify the details of the incidents, reiterate to his officers the correct procedures for the use of skunk liquid and reduce its use in crowded East Jerusalem neighborhoods to the absolute minimum level required.


Additional Materials

Skunk – Repulsive Odor Liquid (Data Sheet)

To read the full letter sent to the Jerusalem District Police Commander (in Hebrew), click here.

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