New Version of Boycott Prohibition Bill Approved for Final Reading

Photo CC by Joshua Paquin

ACRI: “The bill is politically motivated, boycotting the occupation is a legitimate tool of protest.”
Following the approval today (Monday) in the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of a more extended and harmful version of the Boycott Bill, preparing it for a final vote in the plenum, Executive-Director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Hagai El-Ad, states: “Why should Israeli citizens be allowed to boycott Israeli cottage cheese, as we have heard and seen in recent weeks, but be barred from boycotting the occupation? This bill is politically motivated and unfortunately it is not the only bill promoted in Knesset these days that stands in contrast to democratic values. A boycott by consumers is a legitimate tool of protest and falls within the protection of freedom of expression. It is ironic that this bill will further enhance the criticism voiced against Israel”.
The new version presented today includes a list of sanctions that may harm NGOs and public companies, including the loss of tax exemptions and the loss of eligibility for benefits afforded by various laws.
To download the English translation of the current version of the bill, click here.

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Categories: Anti-Democratic Initiatives, Democracy and Civil Liberties, Freedom of Expression

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