Forced Hospitalization

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Forced hospitalization of mentally ill individuals means a complete violation of their most basic freedoms. The decision to undergo psychiatric care must always be taken with the understanding that no other alternatives exist. In extreme cases, forced hospitalization for psychiatric reasons must take place according to the conditions outlined in Israeli law. Yet, in reality, the authorities do not sufficiently enforce laws and procedures that prevent forced hospitalization, or ensure that when it is carried out that it takes place in a fair, humane, and just manner.

Each year, ACRI represents dozens of individuals who were hospitalized against their will. In almost all of the cases, the court accepted the appeal on the grounds that the forced hospitalization was unjustified and illegal. Concerning the practice as a whole, ACRI continues to work to protect the freedom of medical information that is foundational for ensuring a more just system of implementing the forced hospitalization and treatment of the mentally ill.


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