ACRI Admonishes Flotilla Takeover and Outcome, Calls for Investigation

Appalled by deaths, ACRI calls for thorough, independent investigation of events

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel is appalled by today’s military takeover of the Flotilla on its way to Gaza, and calls for an independent investigation of the event. It is unfathomable that a Flotilla whose purpose was to protest the siege imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip, ended with nine dead and many more injured.

Hagai El-Ad, Director of ACRI: “The same guiding principles of military force that put one and a half million people under siege in Gaza for four years is what led to this military action which turned into a bloodbath. These circumstances make necessary an immediate investigation by an external body into the events and their deterioration. This is all substantiated by the electronic force-field and limited media coverage imposed on today’s events.”

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel repeats its call to the government of Israel to end the illegal and immoral siege which gravely damages civil society in Gaza.

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Categories: The Occupied Territories, Use of Force

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