Netanyahu’s Housing Plan: Only a Partial Solution to the Crisis

The tent protest in Tel Aviv, photo by Tal Dahan

The Coalition for Affordable Housing, of which ACRI is a member, is pleased that the government finally responded to the public demand to address the housing crisis. However, the coalition warns that the plan does not provide comprehensive solutions on all housing issues.
Attorney Gil Gan-Mor, Coordinator of ACRI’s Right to Housing Project: “It appears the demonstrations have helped spark a change in perception; nonetheless, the government has yet to espouse the central message: this is not a struggle of one sector or another, but a broad social struggle. Affordable housing is a universal right and it is the State’s responsibility to ensure that every person is able to realize this right.”
Main points for improvement in the plan presented today by Netanyahu:

  • Addressing all sectors of society, not just “young couples”:
    The proposals address young couples and students but Israeli households also include senior citizens, single-parent families, and singles. Arab citizens of Israel that do not own land (estimated at 30% of the entire Arab sector) experience serious housing problems and there is no rental or sales market in their areas of residence.

  • Initiatives must be anchored in legislation that is both detailed and backed by allocated budgets:
  • Amendment to the Israel Lands Authority Law; the inclusion of a chapter on affordable housing in the new planning law; legislation for regulating the rental market and anchoring the eligibility for rent assistance; and the “thawing” of the public housing law, which was frozen in the economic Omnibus Law.


    • The expediting of the construction process must be done responsibly by adding regulations to the planning process, including consultants on social issues.

                                      Coalition for Affordable Housing:
    Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) | Technion Community Planning Lab |Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights | The Association for Distributive Justice | Human Rights in Society – Legal Clinic of the University of Haifa | Movement for Decent Living | Itach –Women Lawyers for Social Justice | Shatil

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