Rawia Aburabia


Attorney Rawia Aburabia joined ACRI’s Arab Minority Rights Department in September 2009, as a New Israel Fund Civil Liberties Fellow. As one of only five female Bedouin attorneys in Israel, she has been at the forefront of several civil rights initiatives, many of which focused on Bedouin women’s rights. In addition, Ms. Aburabia is Israel’s premier expert on polygamy in Negev Bedouin society, having completed her master’s thesis, “Redefining Polygamy among the Palestinian Bedouins in Israel: Colonialism, Patriarchy and Resistance”, on the issue. Prior to joining ACRI, Ms. Aburabia advocated for the individual and collective rights of Bedouin, particularly Bedouin women, in various government ministries, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israeli Attorney General Office’s Civil Department, and the Ministry of Justice, as well as through civil rights organizations such as Yedid. In addition, Ms. Aburabia is an active member of the international board of the Abraham Fund Initiatives, the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, and the Van Leer Institute Women’s Working Group. She holds bachelors degrees in law and social work and an LL.M. from American University.

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Categories: Democracy and Civil Liberties


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